Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce CIC runs entirely on voluntary time and skills. Membership fees cover our insurance, stationery and postage but with a strong volunteer team we don't need to raise the annual membership fee to cover "paid staff or support".

But that doesn't mean hours of work for each volunteer. We need to be a slim organistion with people focussing any time they can spare on projects that are close to their own hearts.

Coordinating/Management team

This is NOT a "talking shop" this team simple needs to look after the formalities of the Company and coordinate on the various projects members feel the Chamber needs to weigh-in on.

Ideally there will be one member who steps up as the face of the Chamber (President) for a couple of years. Not at all onerous as the projects will be doing the work, but the media do like to run the off interview.

Then the team probably needs 2-3 other people to help keep the creativity and help decide priorities.

Project/Issue teams

Hadleigh has a number of perenial issues - projects that raise their head every year or so. They affect different business types and locations so we are thinking of a small team to manage each project in a bite-sized way.

  • Free parking (probably every two years)
  • Crime and security (ongoing and close relationship with Police)
  • Public transport (as it reduces employees finding it hard to get to Hadleigh)
  • Recruitment (we need to employ local people and attract new skills for beyond)

But those aren't the only issues - just the ongoing. We need to bring businesses together with community to overcome the current economic difficulties, the prompt our businesses (high street, industrial, professional etc).

We need to make sure those who have chosen self employment or started new businesses survive the current pandemic and lock downs.

How many volunteers?

Well, we have over 300 businesses in the Chamber catchment area so it wouldn't take too many to offer a small amount of time to reach a decent level of momentum.

We do need to maintain a close contact with key partners, which could only do your own business some good;

  • Sudbury Chamber of Commerce
  • Stowmarket Chamber of Commerce
  • Hadleigh Town Council
  • Babergh District Council
  • Suffolk County Council (various depts)
  • New Anglia Growth Hub
  • New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Haven Gateway Partnership
  • and many more

If you think you could lend a hand, just complete the form and indicate your issues.

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