Loyalty Scheme First Winner

25th June 2013

The Scheme is well and truly launched and is getting good support from shoppers. The first draw has been held and the winner of the £50 cheque was Mrs. Joan Rudman.

An additional prize of a basket of fruit donated by the Fruit and Veg Stall in the market was won by Mrs. Jean Seymour.

If your card wasn't completed for the first draw get it stamped for the January draw which will be on January 9 th . There is no limit to the number of cards you can enter each month so when one is full return it to The Idler and start again.

Now that Sunflower has joined there are 24 traders in the scheme including two traders in the market, the Fruit and Veg stall and the Fish stall   Participating shops should be displaying a sticker in their window.

Any other businesses wishing to join in please contact Jane Haylock jane@theidler.plus.com

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