Tesco will not appeal the Hadleigh planning decision

By Tony Addison

12th December 2013

Tesco have this afternoon issued a statement that they do not intend mounting an appeal to the latest planning application refusal.

They go on to explain that they own much of the land in question ad look forward to discussing how the land can be used with both the Council and the Community.

Obviously the decision has been welcomed by the Chamber as it now draws a line under the uncertainty that has been blighting the town for so long. It does NOT mean that they have gone away completely - they have after all lost business to Morrisons that they will want back. But the combined campaign clearly alerted them that this was not going to be a site they could force their way in.

A lot of people put a substantial amount of time and effort into an almost military campaign to get to this point. Others were immensely generous with funding to allow the professional reports, QC and consultants to be engaged. On behalf of the Chamber - Thank you very, very much.

The High Street has, since the decision, had four new shops open and is starting to get a busier feel back. 2014 will be a time for consolidation in the High Street, activities to draw both local residents and visitors back and we will relaunch the Town Team under the guidance of the Chamber transforming into a Community Interest Company in the New Year.

Thank you once again to everyone who helped.

But keep an eye out for perhaps an alternative approach?

Tony Addison
President, Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce

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