Hadleigh Steering Group - Our chance to guide the planning

18th December 2013

There have been a substantial number of changes to Hadleigh and immediate surrounds in the last few years, not the least for businesses being the arrival of Morrisons and the Brett Works decsion. We now have an opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas on how planning should move forward and help "shape and deliver a vision for the town".

Chaired by District Cllr Brian Riley we now have a Hadleigh Steering Group and it is due to meet for the first time very early in January 2014. The initial meeting will define the scope, timescale to draw up a plan and vision and Brian welcomes anyone with a constructive input - brian.riley@babergh.gov.uk.

Naturally the Chamber will be a part of this group throughout, though we may call on members with specific areas of interest or skill sets as the plan progresses. Initial Kelvin Avis and Tony Addison will attend but please let us know if you want to get involved. Clearly our primary task is to get all the things affecting businesses into the scope - particularly work to help the High Street and plans for Brett Works now that the retail "tagging" seems un-necessary. I know the Chamber Committee would like the Group to examine the East House situation as well.

So, between now and 6 January, can you please let me know, by completing the form below, what areas you would want to see included, whether you want to be involved and at what stage/what area of business or whether you would like to become fully involved (and committeed of course ;-) to the Group.

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