Hadleigh Community Response to the events in London - Grenfall Tower

By Sean Garnham

15th June 2017

Responding to the devastating fire at Grenfall Tower this week the Hadleigh Thrift Shop and the Chamber of Commerce, working in conjunction with one another, have been in contact with the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation this morning to offer our support with donations of the many miscellaneous items those effected are in desperate need of (on behalf of Hadleigh Suffolk IP7)

At this time, understandably, they have been inundated with donations from London and the surrounding area's & so are temporarily restricting any further offers whilst some clarity on what is specifically required is gained.

We remain in contact and the foundation have thanked the town for their support and have promised to contact myself as and when (and if at all) our offer can be utilised.

Naturally, our thoughts continue to be with those effected and stand-by awaiting further news which will be shared on this page


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