Hadleigh Chamber gaining new traction

16th February 2016

In the recent few months a number of issues affecting all businesses in Hadleigh have arisen and the need for a coordinated approach is back with us.

It has therefore been suggested by a number of owners that the Chamber restart activities and pick up the torch on Tourism, Rates, Car Park Charging, Planning and much more.

This sort of activity can only be taken on, one at a time, with volunteers who can put just a little bit of their time (and much enthusiasm) into a specific project.

The Chamber CIC Board are quite keen to help get this moving again and will, in the next few weeks, put some flesh on the bones of regenerating the Chamber. We will need to raise subscriptions just a little bit above the old £20 rate but that is no hardship we believe. That then still leaves any specific projects that need funding as a voluntary matter - bearing in mind the previous support from all businesses to keeping our town a good, safe and attractive place to live and work.

We will get an email out to all previous members shortly, but if you are new to the town or don't believe you are on our contact list, please fill in the form below. We won't abuse the trust and will use it sparingly. We will also publish updates in the Hadleigh Community News, but sometimes the pace of developments run faster than Kelvin can typeset and print.

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