Hadleigh Chamber CIC Accounts

4th January 2016

Hadleigh Chamber has been dormant for the full year of 2015 with the exception of the Loyalty Card and key business and council meetings. Martin Hill (CIC Director and Walter Wright partner) has completed the CIC accounts and they can be downloaded here.

The Chamber did not manage to raise sufficient volunteers to undertake its usual activities and so the Chamber was turned into a Community Interest Company to safeguard the Chamber assets and place it in a position to apply for grants and to get back into normal routines quickly.

The Flower project (Hadleigh Hanging Baskets) sought volunteers to help raise funds and run the project but unfortunately did not find sufficient support until it became too late to start the 2016 project. We are hopeful that can change during 2016.

The Loyalty Card project was again supported financial entirely from Chamber funds and after two years the CIC Board felt it could not disproportionately support the High Street traders in this without some contribution. Hopefully this has been picked up by another organisation in Hadleigh for 2016.

The accounts show that the Chamber is well placed financially to pick up operations when the volunteers are available. The CIC Board members will continue contact with Suffolk and other local Chambers of Commerce, Councils and the LEP and will feed any relevant information back to all businesses in Hadleigh and district. We are reasonably confident that there will be a number of key issues arising in the year to start the Chamber activities again.

If you feel you have a little time to spare or have a particular project that you would like to get moving in Hadeigh, let us know or, if more relevant to Hadleigh as a whole Community, bring it along to the Steering Group meetings held every first Monday of the month, usually in the Leisure Centre from 4pm

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