Hadleigh Chamber 2019

By Sean Garnham

15th May 2019

From early 2018 the HCC has been absent from any membership activity, the main reason being a lack of volunteer committee members and resource. We also had no existential ‘threat’ or issue to campaign on. During this time no membership fees or any other funding have been requested.

Towards the end of 2017 we began, as a committee, to review the ‘value’ the HCC offered to its members in return for a membership fee, as well as questioning a need for its existence in the modern world. This was viewed in contrast to what is offered at county level through the Suffolk Chamber.

Till now we have deliberately made no formal announcement as we wanted to retain a prescence and be available if called upon.  I personally have remained in chair and kept close to matters effecting the Town.

Frankly, in the months since, this approach has not changed and for the foreseeable future there is no sign it will.  We do however have news on 2 aspects that are developing. 

First, there are ongoing discussions with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce regarding alignment of the various chambers across the county. 

Secondly, from the local perspective of Hadleigh businesses we will continue on as skeleton committee maintaining the Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce title (HCC) and advising and promoting causes relevant to the business community. 

However, to avoid any need for funding (and subsequent requests for donation or membership) our main method of representation and information will be via our own Facebook page, simultaneously opening up to a wider audience over social media and allowing for real time response/debate etc.

We will review this approach and will welcome any thoughts or feedback you have.

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Lastly, the recent local elections have seen a new Town Council elected with many 1st time councillors.  I believe there is a great opportunity for the HCC and the HTC to reform our previous collaborations to working for the good of the town.  I will be reaching out to the new councillors in the near future to open up this dialogue.


Sincere regards

Sean Garnham

Chair of the HCC.

Chair of the Wool Towns Association

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