Comeback Meeting for Hadleigh Chamber

26th August 2016

Comeback Meeting for Hadleigh Chamber

Start-up meeting

Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce ran out of steam in 2014 with insufficient volunteers to hold a committee meeting. It's been suggested that it s time for the Chamber to revitalise and bring businesses together to help shape the future of Hadleigh.

To get things going we are holding a meeting on Tuesday 27th September 2016, open to all organisations, to define the role of the Chamber and decide key issues to address. Hadleigh Chamber has a healthy history with low membership subs and high membership levels –almost 50% of all businesses. Now’s the time to build back to that level of influence and again have a strong business voice in Hadleigh, Babergh and even Suffolk.

Please do all you can to come to this meeting and help us define the Chamber’s role. It’s your opportunity to have a say in what’s happening and you may be able to help with a project to benefit your business. Please register here to give us an idea of numbers so we can book a big enough space.

Quick catch up

The Chamber is now a formal Community Interest Company with four directors who oversee the organisation, funds and assets. The company assets can only be used for the benefit of businesses in and around Hadleigh.

The Chamber needs a small operational committee and then each project should have its own implementation team so that no one volunteer is swamped with work. Projects are intended to be self-funded, with possible start-up support from main Chamber funds.  In this way we keep membership subs down and people can contribute to their pet projects.

Have a say

We will be recruiting at the September meeting so we know the level of support for this new voice of business and the projects we can support. We need new thinking to drive the Chamber and its projects. Please make yourself known if you would like to join this new influential body. Chamber meetings will be kept to a minimum. We have a website, email system and online CRM to support projects.

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