Catalytic Converters - Crime Prevention Marking Sessions

11th May 2011


Red Star, Woodhall Business Park, Sudbury this Friday and businesses have been made aware so hopefully the take up will be high.

St Eds

We have had to-date 3 marking sessions in BSE and 3 in Haverhill, there are a further 2 marking sessions to be held at:

Mitchell Motors Hollands Rd Haverhill 16/05 1700-2000 hours

St Eds BC Workshop Olding Rd B S E 13/05 0930--to 1500 hours

Registered Owners of targeted vehicles like Ford Rangers have been contacted and the recent media Release named Mercedes sprinter vans as a target sadly too many to contact individually. No proven solution has yet to emerge but there is a product called a Cat Clamp-see link

Further Crime Prevention Advice


"It is also worth considering getting the catalytic converters welded which would make it impossible to undo the bolts which secure the device to the vehicle." This protects against lower level theft with a wrench but not against sawing/cutting/anglegrinding but would delay and deter potential offenders.

Catalytic Converter Protective Sleeves /Clamps

Protective coverings are quite expensive but make it much more difficult for the saw wielding thief to steal catalytic converters.


Fitting an anti-tilt or shock alarm to the vehicle, which will be activated if it is being attacked.

Bonnet Clamps

Install additional locks to vehicle bonnets

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