Hadleigh Chamber 2020 and beyond

By Chamber team

23rd November 2020

Hadleigh and surrounding area has never needed a business voice more and we need your help to get momentum.

We don't want hours of committee work, long drawn out "talking shop" meetings or vast amounts of door knocking

What we need is participation and the any time and skill you feel you can volunteer

What now!

As a start we would like you to join the Chamber if you have a business in the catchment area - Babergh District boundary north (abutting Stowmarket Chamber) and south, Boxford to the west (abutting Sudbury Chamber) and east to Copdock and the A14.

Then once you have joined, would you have any time to help on a coordinating group or one of our project teams.

You can join here

We need volunteers

Coordinating team

Probably no more that four people (one of you stepping up to be President for a couple of years. This group is to handle the formalities of the Community Interest Company, help Martin get the accounts sorted and field and be the primary face of the Chamber.

Project teams

This is envisaged as a small, active team of people with vested interest in a project or issue - people who can use the momentum of an active Chamber to press forward with solutions, lobbying etc.

At the moment we doubt we could handle many projects simultaneously but some, such as free parking, have been running for years and are likely to be live issues again soon.

We don't want vast amount of time, just small bit sized participation.

Take a look and volunteer here

Hadleigh Chamber on Twitter