Volunteering for the Chamber

Getting involved

The Chamber runs entirely on volunteers and every small amount of time helps tremendously

It is likely to be more to do with your skills and vision than the number of hours (or minutes) you can commit

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We will need a small team to co-ordinate any activity.
These people will not shoulder all the work as before but just keep everyone on a common path

We expect this could be about 3-4 people who may become directors of the Community Interest Company

This team will have one person who will be the "face of the Chamber"

Yes please

We can then just pick and chose a small number of issues, initially, and run small project teams to management those.

There are always been key issues and we will need to cover those as things are raised.
Please indicate which you may have a direct interest or add new ones below.

Free parking
Crime and security
Public transport

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