Town Meeting - Vote of No Confidence by Hadleigh Residents & Businesses

24th May 2018 - 4th December 2018 Past

Following on from recently reported events in local news, a town meeting will be held for the purpose of voting a motion of no confidence against the current Hadleigh Town Council.

The meeting will also agree the wording for a referendum/poll requesting the current Town Councillors to stand down.  

The meeting has been called by a cross section of residents and business owners in Hadleigh , and follows a long period of frustration caused by the endemic attitudes of some current and longer standing councillors, seemingly resistant to contemporary thinking and planning for the town.

The meeting will be chaired by Councillor Peter Mathews

The venue is the Guild Room (at the rear of the Guildhall) and will take place Thursday, May 24 at 7 PM - 8 PM approximately. 

What to expect: after some initial discussion, we expect the vote will be made by a show of hands.  Please note that only those on the electoral roll will be eligible to take part in the vote.

The expectation is of a high turnout - if you would like to confirm attendance so an expected figure is available please do so here 

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