Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up in the early 1900s to be the voice of businesses, initially retail but expanding to include industrial after WWII and then professions in the 1960s.

It is run entirely by volunteers with a small membership fee to cover insurance, postage and stationary.

Having a low membership fee and, until a few years ago, a very active team, Hadleigh Chamber counted 50% of eligible businesses as members. The highest penetration of any Chamber in the UK (as far as we know) reaching 150 members of the 300 local businesses.

The last few years had seen most major issues resolved or parked and active volunteers reduced until Sean Garnham (past President) and Martin Hill (Treasurer) were the main drivers.

Refresh the Voice of Hadleigh Businesses

The last year though has seen turmoil though, as always seems to happen in Hadleigh, we have welcomed new businesses and have few empty properties. But there has never been a more important time for businesses to come together for support and to address the issues we see as holding back growth and employment.

And we now need you to join and volunteer a minimal amount of time to take these issues on.

Membership is only £20 a year and you can join here. You will need to create a user account on the site and provide you business and contact details. Once through our payment gateway (Strip) your business details will appear in the Members section and you will have access to our closed user area.

Now to the issues

Once you have joined you will have the opportunity to indicate if you can help with a small coordinating team, opt in to one of the core projects, or suggest and stand up for ones we have missed. We expect there will only be a couple of key, active projects at any one time (unless we get swamped with volunteers ...)

However, if you are a resident of Hadleigh and area, with no local business, but want to get involved, please do sign up to volunteer.

At the moment we are aware that there is a lot of interest in;

  • Free Parking
  • Crime and security
  • Public transport
  • Recruitment (particularly on the Industrial Estates)

But we are open to new projects and the coordinating team can prioritise.

We will also need a new President now that Sean has stepped down - and thank you Sean for all you efforts keeping things alive.

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