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January Hadleigh Business Breakfast Forum

January Hadleigh Business Breakfast Forum

8th December 2016

The next Hadleigh Business Breakfast will be taking place in the New Year on Wednesday 18th January at the Hadleigh Ram.

We will be joined by Samantha Jones and Kurt Scheepers, Business Growth Advisors from the New Anglia Growth Hub, who will be delivering a talk on “Free Support for Growing Businesses”.

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November Hadleigh Business Breakfast Forum

November Hadleigh Business Breakfast Forum

26th October 2016

The next Hadleigh Business Breakfast will be taking place on Wednesday 16th November at the Hadleigh Ram.

Anne Gould from Workingwordz Media will be joining us, with a presentation on "Video Creation - why every business owner needs to add this “essential” skill to their marketing toolbox."

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Join Hadleigh Chamber

21st September 2016

Hadleigh Chamber is rejuvenating and now open for membership again.

It doesn't matter where you are based, just that you have an interest in issues here. The Chamber is also not restricted to commercial organisations.

To join (or re-join) the Chamber, simply complete our Membership Form.

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Comeback Meeting for Hadleigh Chamber

Comeback Meeting for Hadleigh Chamber

26th August 2016

Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce ran out of steam in 2014 with insufficient volunteers to hold a committee meeting. It's been suggested that it s time for the Chamber to revitalise and bring businesses together to help shape the future of Hadleigh.

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Hadleigh Chamber gaining new traction

16th February 2016

In the recent few months a number of issues affecting all businesses in Hadleigh have arisen and the need for a coordinated approach is back with us.

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Hadleigh High Street traders under attack again

11th January 2016

Car Park charging is back on the agenda again, and it is looking like many of your councillors are supporting it - such that they do not intend asking your opinion.

You need to act on this TODAY!

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Hadleigh Chamber CIC Accounts

4th January 2016

Hadleigh Chamber has been dormant for the full year of 2015 with the exception of the Loyalty Card and key business and council meetings. Martin Hill (CIC Director and Walter Wright partner) has completed the CIC accounts and they can be downloaded here.

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Meet our Employer Training Incentive Pilot (ETIP) Team

Meet our Employer Training Incentive Pilot (ETIP) Team

23rd April 2015

Mick Biegel and Patricia Long have joined Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to manage the Employer Training Incentive Pilot (ETIP), which offers a 25% return against cash paid for additional training to a maximum grant of £1,000 per learner

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