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Hadleigh Steering Group - Our chance to guide the planning

18th December 2013

There have been a substantial number of changes to Hadleigh and immediate surrounds in the last few years, not the least for businesses being the arrival of Morrisons and the Brett Works decsion.

We now have an opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas on how planning should move forward and help "shape and deliver a vision for the town".

Chaired by District Cllr Brian Riley we now have a Hadleigh Steering Group and it is due to meet for the first time very early in January 2014.

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Cashmobs Suffolk - supporting independent shops across the county.

16th December 2013

On Saturday, January 4th 2014 Cashmobs Suffolk - a new community initiative to stimulate our flagging High Streets - is coming to Hadleigh.

Struggling shops get our sympathy. Huge multinationals moving into our local area raises our ire and anger at the destruction of the local economy. We complain on social media and decry the decline to our friends. But what do we actually DO about it?

Cash mobs actually go beyond our online complaints. Cash mobs use actual hard cash, spent in a local shop.

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Tesco will not appeal the Hadleigh planning decision

By Tony Addison - 12th December 2013

Tesco have this afternoon issued a statement that they do not intend mounting an appeal to the latest planning application refusal.

They go on to explain that they own much of the land in question ad look forward to discussing how the land can be used with both the Council and the Community.

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Bus boost for market town at Christmas

Bus boost for market town at Christmas

21st November 2013

Residents in a Suffolk market town have received a Christmas boost after it has been announced an additional bus service will run throughout the festive season.

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Driving – Your Responsibilities - Seminar 3rd December

By Workplace Driving - 8th November 2013

Do you or any of your staff drive as part of their work? This could be someone on the way to a training course or a delivery driver or even you going to meeting.

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Chamber Annual General Meeting

By Tony Addison - 21st October 2013

AGM on 20 November 2013 at Priory Hall - 5:45 for 6pm start - just time to get yourself a glass of wine to support you through the Presidents presentation and elections.

We'll recap on the Brett Works, receive nominations and elect people to join the Commitee and hopefully get your idea and thoughts for 2014 - not just Retail though.

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Olympic Stadium Success

Free Rein's Olympic Stadium Success

By Jeff Hume - 21st July 2013

The team at Free Rein are celebrating their achievements after Mark and Jeff both achieved personal best times at yesterday’s National Lottery Anniversary Run at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, London.Mark got around in a very respectable time of 48 minutes, with Jeff a little bit further back at 56 minutes.

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PCC and the Chief Constable public meetings

PCC and the Chief Constable public meetings

16th July 2013

This is your opportunity to engage with the PCC and the Chief Constable, to have your say or just listen. Tim Passmore and Ian Paxman will be holding public meetings in the Autumn.

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